You are about to register for Dumfries Youth Theatre.

Please note that all courses are paid by Standing Order with the new Universal Payment fee of £16 a month. If the participant is aged between 13 and 25, then the course is free. The only payment is a £30 registration fee.

Our organisation has a Protecting Vunerable Persons Policy which includes your child's personal information.

Dumfries Youth Theatre 14.19, Tuesday 
4pm - 6pm
£30 registration fee. 

Dumfries Youth Theatre 9.13, Wednesday
5pm - 7pm
£16 Standing Order per month (this course is free participants who are 13, with the only payment being a £30 registration fee.)

Dumfries Youth Theatre 5.8, Saturday
11am - 12pm
£16 Standing Order per month.

Dumfries & Galloway Youth Theatre 13.25, Saturday
12pm - 3pm
£30 registration fee.

All Standing Orders must be set up for September 1st 2015 and every month thereafter. Payment of £30 for registration fees must be paid before the first term starts. Course fees will be waived in exceptional circumstances. No young person will be denied the opportunity to attend due to financial constraints. Please speak to Associate Director - Justin Hyslop about membership.

The term dates are as follows:
Term One runs from
1st September 2015 - 10th October 2015

Term Two runs from
26th October 2015 - 19th December 2015 

Term Three runs from
4th January 2016 - 2nd April 2016 

Term Four runs from
18th April 2016 - 25th June 2016

If you need help completing registration or have a question about any of the courses, then please feel free to contact us either by telephone on 01387 271820 or by email at